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Best French Classes in Chennai India

France is one of the country, people from all over the world travel to France for trade, business, tourism & cultural activities. The French language is ranked the 2nd most influential language in the World and around 274 Million people across the world understand and speak the Language, It is the official language of 29 countries. There is an increasing demand for French Speaking Course In Chennai, Most graduate schools requires knowledge of at least one Foreign Language and French is the most commonly used & preferred language after English.

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French A Global Language

French is the most rich language in Europe. French language is very easy & fun to learn..

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6th Strongest Economy

France is the 6th strongest economy in the world, and the 5th largest exporter.

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Career Asset

Knowing french increases your chances of employabiility worldwide.

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French Is Required

Knowledge of french opens up study opportunities at renowned French Universities..

  • Job Aspirants who aim to explore wide
  • IT / Non IT Professionals who seeks for betterment in their career
  • Working Professionals who are aiming for an uplift
  • Parents who aim to improve their ken
  • Anyone who is interested to work abroad in French Speaking Countries
  • A person who wishes to travel to France with the perspective of a job, leisure travel or business trip, should know the bare minimum amount of French, learning French is an added advantage if migrating to Canada is on your mind, as it will fetch more points on the Express Entry System recently launched by the Canadian Government.
  • Being a foreign languages training institute in Bangalore, we offer training for basic level (A1 & A2), intermediate level (B1 & B2), advanced level (C1 & C2). Upon completion of these levels, you can easily communicate with people and lead your day to day life without any hassles.
  • Our certified French trainers have a rich experience in teaching.
  • Attention to detail for every student
Syllabus by Level

The French lessons and comprehension exercise on this site are ranked according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages(CEFR), which describes six levels of language proficiency.

Course Duration: Varies as per levels
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About Trainer

Versatile instructor – led training class rooms through tailored courses with smaller class sizes at Vesta facilitate people to interact more conveniently and acquire knowledge, there by generating outstanding results both for themselves and the organization they work for..


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