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Our Mobile App Development Services

We are a Technology Firm that specializes in all kind of Mobile App Design & Development

iOS App

iOS Mobile App

Our good iOS app will bring performance in an organization and help to keep your team motivated, happy and functioning to the highest level.

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Android App

Android Mobile App

Our Android Application designs are user-friendly. Feel free to contact us for both private as well as commercial projects.

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Cross Platform

Cross-Platform App

Our Cross Platform App extended by Vesta technologies help your firms to improve brand presence, surety, integrity with 100% assurence.

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Native App

Native Mobile App

We use the affordability given by the fast-evolving Native apps ecosystem to deliver customized apps

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Hybrid App

Hybrid Mobile App

We use React Native and Xamarin to exhibit hybrid apps ensuring that your users feel the seamless and native experience.

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AR App

AR Mobile App

AR apps give you complete analytics which helps you in knowing the performance of your users so that you can customize the knowledge for them.

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VR App

VR Mobile App

VR apps build an intense & immersive user activity which is very interactive. This is something that every clients seems for in an perfect app.

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Let Vesta develop your business online

We are an established, award-winning Web Design Agency in Chennai with fresh concepts and a passion for web-based creativity, marketing and web development.

Our website design Chennai team has decades worth of experience when it comes to providing web design and development solutions for the global market. Vesta’s success and growth is a direct result of building successful long-term partnerships with our clients.

Up to 70% of our business comes from web start-ups, and 80% of these clients have been with Lilo for a period longer than 5 years.

We don’t just design pretty websites; we also provide consultation and advice on best business practices within our industry.

By taking client’s objectives and visions, combining that with customer usability, allows us to deliver creative, well designed and engaging websites

Vesta is a process-driven organisation. We use effective project management to control and manage all our web design and development projects.

In addition to these methods we have developed our own bespoke web tools and digital dashboards to keep track of all our projects across our offices, all in real-time.

We live in an age of high expectations and tight budgets. Due to our efficient processes, we’re confident that we can match like-for-like quotations, try us! We always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations and requirements.


You converge with us for an Hour & we go-ahead to make magic!.


Plan Meeting

You join us and tell us the App you want to be designed. We sign an NDA guaranteeing that all your intentions and business is preserved.


Design Week

We consume a week establishing together your design based on your brand aspirations and app usability requests.


Edit Week

We employ the week in back and forward emails with you confirming your craved modifications. We make assured your app is what you fantasized of.



We launch your app to the world, with a tailored and google ads voucher from us and IOS and Android registration.

Vesta App Features

Web Service Development For Mobile App

Web Services

RSS Feed Integration Service For Mobile App

RSS Feed

Push Notification Service For Mobile App

Push Notifications

Promotion Videos For Mobile App


PDF Reader For Mobile App

PDF Reader with
Annotations & Signatures

Payment Gateway For Mobile App

Payment Gateway

Native Device Program For Mobile App

Native Device Program
(Contacts, Calendar & more)

Communication For Mobile App

Mobile Communication

Social Media Integration For Mobile App

Social Media

GPS Location Track For Mobile App

Location (GPS)
based Applications

Cross-Platform Devlopment For Mobile App


2D Game Development For Mobile App

2D Game

Device Features Usage For Mobile App

Features Usage

Live Data Syncing For Mobile App

Live Data Syncing
with Server

Data Backup & Restore For Mobile App

Mobile Data
Backup & Restore

Barcode & QR Code Integration For Mobile App

Barcode & QR
Code Integrations

Augumented & Virtual Reality For Mobile App

Augmented & Virtual

Integration of Ads For Mobile App

Integration with Admob
,iAds, Pubcenter

3rd Party Integration For Mobile App

3rd Party Integration
(Dropbox, Google Docs)

Multi-lingual Development For Mobile App


Live Photos & Video Capturing For Mobile App

Live Photos &
Video Capturing

Offline Data Management For Mobile App

Offline Data

How we deliver your mobile experience?

Our strategy is all about flexibility. We work closely with you and your users to develop and improve your mobile app as we’re developing it. This means the app you release will do definitely what your business wants it to do, even if you don’t entirely know all the ins and outs at the start.

As part of a mobile delivery project, we can provide:

Mobile Deployment Services


Best High-level Mobile Software

High-level software

Best Ongoing Mobile Support

Ongoing Support

Best Mobile Project Scoping

Project scoping

Best Mobile Prototyping


Best Mobile Software Consultancy

Software consultancy

Best Mobile AB Testing

AB Testing

Best Mobile User Experience & Design

User experience and design

Best On-Time Mobile Delivery

On-Time Delivery

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